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Course Outline


Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD):

  • A specialized massage technique aiming to redirect lymphatic fluid from congested areas to
    healthy lymph nodes, promoting drainage.

  • Helps reduce swelling and improves lymphatic circulation.

Compression Therapy

  • Layers of short-stretch bandages are applied to provide gradient
    compression, aiding in fluid movement, and preventing re-accumulation.

  • Once the affected limb has reduced in size post-bandaging, custom-
    fitted compression garments (sleeves, stockings) are worn to maintain reduced swelling.

Skin Care

  • Emphasizes meticulous skin hygiene to prevent infections.

  • Use of moisturizers to combat dryness and reduce the risk of skin breakdown.


  • Prescribed exercises aim to improve muscle function, enhance lymphatic flow, and increase joint mobility.

  • Patients are taught a series of exercises tailored to their specific needs and capacity.


  • Patients are educated about lymphedema, its causes, and preventive measures.

  • Instruction on self-care techniques, including skin care, exercise, and recognizing early signs of complications.


  • Encourage patients to maintain a healthy weight, avoid constrictive clothing or jewelry, and protect the affected limb from injuries or extreme temperatures.


  • After the intensive phase of CDT, patients transition to a maintenance phase where they continue self-care practices, wear compression garments, and monitor for any signs of progression or complications.

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